No.17 Rule for Classy Girls and always know how short is too short

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Always know how short is too short, be it a dress, haircut, heels or a man.

We already wrote about how it is not easy to be a Classy Girl and find your own style. Classy Girl is not slave of fashion trends, but cherishes her neat and decent look.
Likewise true Lady she looks that her clothes do not transmit the wrong message about her as a woman.


anum tariq illustration

In today’s modern world the term Lady is a bit lost, but I believe it can be adapted to today’s trends.

How to? Simply … Be yourself, build your own style by choosing those outfits that flatter your figure. And watch the behavior. Good manners are the key to femininity.
Young girls we meet on the streets and in night life often do not know to find the measure and the dress in too narrow, tight or short, heels are too high, badly made extensions , too much make-up, cheap nails and so on..
Instead sophisticated and sexy look, they look without identity, vulgar and tasteless. They look trashy, not classy.
Unfortunately these girls send the wrong message to guys.
Remember the most important: Classy Girl should always and everywhere be a Lady.
This does not mean that you should not wear a short dress or cleavage. If you opt for a mini dress watch to be more closed in the upper part and vice versa, if you wear cleavage wear jeans or pants. It is the same with makeup, if you put emphasis on your eyes, let lips neutral.
What is excessive is just not nice.
Acting like a Lady you will attract more attention ( from the right guy ). Guys like challenges.
The way you act, such people and you’ll attract.

Illustration Anum Tariq
Stay classy ♥


Alessia Abadelli


Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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