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Being beautiful is a choice and it’s never too late to chose it.

I believe we were all in teenage days whining about looks. We stood in front of the mirror and thought: I have a big nose, my breasts are too small, I have too thin legs, I have belly fat…
We would compare to our friends, actresses, singers and we were constantly dissatisfied and grumpy as they manage to be “so perfect”.


being beautiful

We may not be able to choose the shape of the body. What you can do is to take care of yourself!
The most attractive and most beautiful girls are the ones that love themselves and their bodies.
So what can you do for yourself?

Body care

Be clean, tidy, nourish your skin, find your ideal hair color and hairstyle, wear discreet make-up.
Put on a smile!!


The clothes you wear does not have to be from the expensive store , it is important that it fits well. Always choose good quality materials.
Clothes must be clean and maintained.
Wear trendy jewelry that will spice up the combination but never go out decked like a Christmas tree.


This is very important, and it costs you nothing. Throw your shoulders back, straighten your back and gently lift out your chin (not too much that you do not look as if your nose breaks the clouds).
Very high heels leave for evenings out, and for day choose medium-high heels.


Be positive, happy, talkative, but not intrusive. Throw out curses from your vocabulary.

Nutrition & exercise

You do not need to sweat for hours in the gym trying to build a perfect abs or buttocks. Walk, stay in nature, get enough sleep. Be sure that your meals are varied and full. By no means do not starve!

And remember the most important – beauty is a matter of choice, take care of yourself and you will feel happier and more attractive in your own skin.

Stay classy ♥

Alessia Abadelli


Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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