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Makeup is meant to enhance beauty, not to cover it.

Makeup is a part of everyday life of almost every girl. It should not be surprising considering we live in a time where every detail is important, so the first impression when you meet someone.
Makeup should be used to assist natural beauty, to further highlight your advantages, for example eyes, lips, eyelids and cover up those little imperfections such as wrinkles, acne, bags and so on.

anum tariq illustration

Makeup should certainly be harmonized with womens age, hair color, hair style and occasion. Do not put on the same makeup for work, school, meeting or nightlife.

Match your make-up and clothes.
However, the proper way to apply a make-up is very important, so consult the make-up artist on how to emphasize your beauty.
There’s nothing worse than a bad makeup on a beautiful girl. The most common mistake some girls do is that they exaggerate with various products, especially powder. It produces unwanted effect and instead of attractive look they look “plastered” and old.
in no way do not draw your lips with a thick pen, the time of Pamela Anderson has passed.
Rather choose light, natural shades, light blush, lipstick that seems fresh… Remember Classy Girls makeup rule: less is more.
Do not hide your beauty under heavy layers of make-up. Instead-shine and smile!

Illustration Anum Tariq

Stay classy ♥

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Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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