No.18 Rule for Classy Girls and never dumb yourself down

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Never dumb yourself down for a boy.

My friend Kaelyn was a modern and promising girl. When she met her boyfriend she was so delighted and I listened her stories for hours, although she was sometimes annoying.
But are not we all like this in the beginning, butterflies, silly smiles, we begin to look the world through rose-colored glasses.

anum tariq illustration

Kaelyn revealed him all about herself, her desires and all her family secrets. Each time they were together she was trying to be seen at her best.

She was there for him 24 hours a day, always available, whenever he wanted to see her.
She started to ignore her obligations at the university, hobbies and even friends.
We rarely went for  a coffee, and even then he would came with her. Course, of our women’s stories – nothing.
After a very short time of their relationship she was already looking for an apartment. They moved together and than the problems started.
She could no longer pretend walking perfection. And he complained that she is not a kind of girl he met, and started to humiliate and insult her.

Fortunately, she ended this relationship.

Self-esteem is very important because if you do not love yourself you can not expect appreciation and love. Men detect girls with a low self-esteem and think that they can do whatever they want with them.
Your partner must know where is the boundary, what is allowed and what is not . Every humiliation, shouting or something worse is a sign for escape.
Every girl deserves a guy who will respect and love her.
So, Classy Girls, love yourself and never dumb yourself down for a boy.

Illustration Anum Tariq
Stay classy ♥

Alessia Abadelli


Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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