{ No.9 Rule for Classy Girls and respect yourself }

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Respect yourself. If you don’t, he won’t either

One of the most important rules which is Classy Girl keenly aware of is the rule of respect. More specifically of self-esteem.
Some mistakenly think that high self-esteem reflects arrogance or haughtiness, but it is not really so. Girls who have a healthy dose of self-esteem don’t need to point out that they are superior, they know how much they worth. They will not allow to be treated as if they were less valuable.

respect yourself

They feel relaxed and comfortable in their own skin and in everyday situations with other people, something that men extremely appreciate.

Remember, no man will respect you if you do not respect yourself.
Self-esteem is built up from an early age, and greatly shapes the character.
Unlike girls with high self-esteem there are those with low. They are trying to attract the attention of the company, deep down are uncertain and constantly seek to prove that they are beautiful and desirable. They often want to change, trying to be something they are not.
It is for these girls that men sometimes say that they are strenuous and try to avoid them.
Be a Classy girl, who is aware of herself and her values, and always be yourself!

Stay classy ♥

Alessia Abadelli


Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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