{ Handbags and outfits }

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Handbags and outfits Classy Girl knows how to match a handbags and outfits. Handbags and outfits should be part of a perfect story, and that means that they need to match each other. You will never go wrong if you put on an outfit in neutral color like black, white, grey or beige and combine it with bags in different colors. In this case, …

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{ No.5 Rule for Classy Girls and don’t play hard to get }

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Don't play hard to get, play hard to forget Women often talk about what men like and what they dislike. Even as little girls they have listened to their mothers and grandmothers' stories about how they should be unavailable to men. The general opinion about men is that they are by nature hunters and that they perceive an unconquerable women as …

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{ No.1 Rule of a Classy Girl and why you should stay classy }

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Stay Classy The first rule of a Classy Girl is to stay classy. Being classy is your first step for becoming a Classy Girl! Being classy is not about your social status or appearance. It is not about being posh or wealthy.  It is about your inner qualities and etiquette. True class is on the inside. I believe that being classy attracts good …

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