{ What type of skirt is ideal for your body type? }

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What type of skirt is ideal for your body type?

How do you choose skirts? Because you like the model you are buying, because it is good to have such a skirt in your closet, a type of skirt is fashionable and it is a shame not to buy it … This garment you should choose according to your body type.

How to choose the ideal model?

navy skirt

First define your body type.

If it is skirt that you wear during the colder part of the year, or in combination with tights, put on socks. Socks will form the line of the body and help that skirt looks better on you.
What kind of skirt to wear when you have…

Pear body type?

You have accentuated hips and thighs, usually bigger butt, but very nice and narrow waist? Pick the A-line skirts model that gently highlights the hips and thighs are covered. If your shoulders and hips are the same width choose skirt model with high waist that will optically narrow hips. Do not forget the play with colors and textures. Choose skirt with a darker side pieces that will optically narrow hips.

A-line skirt

Apple body type?

This type of body build is characterized by strong upper and lower abdomen, flat, seamless butt and extraordinarily good legs. That’s why you can choose classic tailored mini skirts that cover the thighs, bubble skirt or a flirty skirt to the knee with ends an asymmetrical ends.

tulle skirt

Athletic body shape?

The main task in clothing of this type of body is to create curves. You can accentuate the waist with striking details like a big bow. Pay attention to the length of skirts. If you wear high boots that will optically ‘boost’ legs , a skirt should be shorter. Otherwise, the rich skirt to the knee will suit you better. Try steering wheel skirt. It is an ideal model for your body type.

skater skirt

You are short?

The unwritten rule is that you should avoid long skirts. But every rule should be broken. In season of long skirts select a model that is tailored so that the upper part of the skirt is defined, and the lower swaying. The ideal model for your type of body build is the classic skirt to the knee. Avoid A cut skirts to the knee. They will visually make you even lower.

You are very tall?

Avoid skirts model that is too short or too long. The first model will visually create the impression that you do not have the hull, but only very long legs, while others will emphasize the line of the body and make you higher than you are. Ideal skirt for your body type is a trendy pleated skirt to the knee or a bubble skirt that reveals the knee.

Stay classy ♥

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