{ No.2 Rule for Classy Girls and be the girl a guy needs }

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.Be the Girl a guy needs, not the girl that needs a guy We often wonder what have those girls (women) who are always surrounded by men, when in others, no matter how much effort they take , men are just not interested. Women can spend hours in front of the mirror to preen their appearance, where they often overdo it, applying …

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{ No.1 Rule of a Classy Girl and why you should stay classy }

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Stay Classy The first rule of a Classy Girl is to stay classy. Being classy is your first step for becoming a Classy Girl! Being classy is not about your social status or appearance. It is not about being posh or wealthy.  It is about your inner qualities and etiquette. True class is on the inside. I believe that being classy attracts good …

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