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Don’t make someone a priority, if they only consider you an option.

Do not ever be with someone who only consider you an option. Don’t be satisfied if you are the happiest in the world when you’re with someone – find someone who is the happiest in the world because he is with you.


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If you accept to be in someone’s second place, eventually you’re gonna get to the third and the fourth, until you become completely irrelevant to even remember.

Never make someone a priority, if you’re just an option to him.
The real guys who truly care about the girl and her feelings behave differently. They appreciate their girlfriends, they care that their girls feel like a princess with them.
Many girls often make mistakes by craze for “unattainable” men hoping that they would succeed in changing them.
If it is more important for him to go to a barbecue and beer with friends from being there for you when you need him, believe that such a guy will never change because of you.
If you appreciate yourself, he will appreciate you too!

Illustration: Anum Tariq
Stay classy ♥

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Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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