{ No.10 Rule for Classy Girls and if he doesn’t treat you like a princess }

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If he doesn’t treat you like a princess, then he doesn’t deserve to be your prince.

“A man that treats his girl like a princess shows that he was raised by a queen.”

This statement has huge popularity on social networks and is the proof that the behavior of men in relationship is very important to us.
In every relationship we have expectations from our partner and qualities that we are looking for.

if he doesn't treat you like a princess

The expectation that this man whom you choose as your life partner treats you as a lady is one of the things for which there is no compromise.

Although life is not a fairy tale, he should treat you as the most valuable woman in his life. And there is no but.
Women with experience will between the super handsome idiot and cultured average looking guy choose the second one, because the most important thing to them is that their man treats them the right way. With respect.
Young girls often make mistakes in choosing the guy of their heart, creating false illusions and thinking that he could change because of them.
At the end of the day what they can get from such guys are sleepless nights and tears soaked pillow.
If you’re not in the first place for him, you do not need him.
The time will come when you will come across the one who lives for the smile on your face and in whose embrace you’ll feel like a real princess.

Stay classy ♥

Alessia Abadelli


Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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