{ No.8 Rule for Classy Girls and leave the rumor-spreading }

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Leave the rumor-spreading and trash-talking to Gossip Girl

People just like to talk about other people. It is said that the leaders in that are women. Gossip serves to relax over coffee with friends, and sometimes thanks to it we become part of a group.

leave the rumor-spreading

Just remember, it began back in elementary school.

Girls were divided into popular and unpopular ones. And those who were popular often knew to spread lies to exalt themselves and seem more interesting.
In gossiping, like in all other things, we should be moderate because we can very easily hurt a person who does not deserve it.
A Classy Girl, like a true lady does not gossip and does not want to participate in spreading rumors about someone. She is beyond that.
She knows that such stories arise from envy and lack of self-esteem of the person who spread them.
A real Classy Girl knows that her language should not be faster than her mind , so she always thinks twice before saying something.
Curses are also something that she does not use in her speech.
Classy Girl never judge other people that she does not know, she has no prejudices and is not labeling.
She is nice hearty woman who attracts attention without even trying.

Stay classy ♥


Alessia Abadelli


Be happy, be yourself, stay classy and share the love, xoxo Alessia

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