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Lily Collins Vogue cover

Lily Collins wears Saint Laurent on first-ever Vogue cover. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside for Vogue Arabia November 2020

In the exclusive interview, the actor speaks of overcoming her struggles pre-Covid. “In the past, I would seek ways to control myself. It came out in the form of eating disorders or deep anxiety,” she reveals. “I try and sit and work through my emotions instead of ignoring them. The old me would have focused more on the negative. Now it’s just one part of my life. All these other positive things prevent me from obsessing.”

Among her various professional endeavors, the daughter of music royalty Phil Collins also speaks of her engagement to film director and writer Charlie McDowell. “I knew from the moment we met that this was the person for me,” she says, adding that together they have joined Black Lives Matter protests, adopted a puppy, and devoted themselves to causes like the children’s non-profit GO Campaign. Addressing French critics, who disliked the global hit Netflix series Emily in Paris, Collins responds conscientiously, “As disheartening as it sometimes is to read these things, it’s also a gift; you’re being allowed to improve.” The 31-year-old furthers that ahead of a possible season two, she will evolve the narrative, adding that the series’ creator, Darren Starr, and fellow producers, “Championed my opinions and opened me up to an experience that was so rewarding and empowering.”

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